Wall in the World


Quanti muri nel mondo, ma uno solo è della vergogna

imageimageDonald Trump’s Mexican Border Wall Is a Moronic Idea
The data show that fences don’t keep migrants out — they just keep them from going home.

Quanti muri nel mondo, ma uno solo è della vergogna Commento Moment Research & Consultancy 

E’ di questi giorni la notizia che l’Ungheria ha progettato la costruzione di un muro alto 4 metri e lungo 175 km per evitare che profughi, rifugiati, migranti in fuga dall’est e dal sud del mondo entrino nel paese. Il mondo occidentale è ormai diviso da chilometri di cemento, filo spinato, per salvaguardare territori, per impedire le invasioni di popolazioni affamate o in pericolo a causa delle guerre che insanguinano tutto il Medio Oriente e l’Africa del nord. Continue reading

White riot

img_4783White riot

How racism and immigration gave us Trump, Brexit, and a whole new kind of politics

Donald Trump is not an accident.

It’s tempting to see Trump’s rise as something sui generis: something so bizarre, so linked to his own celebrity, that it could never be repeated. Yet it is being repeated: Throughout the Western world, far-right populists are rising in the polls.

In Hungary, the increasingly authoritarian prime minister, Viktor Orban, has started building a wall to keep out immigrants and holding migrants in detention camps where guards have been filmed flinging food at them as if they were zoo animals. In Italy, the anti-immigrant Northern League, led by a politician who has attacked the pope for calling for dialogue with Muslims, is polling at more than three times its 2013 level, making it the country’s third most popular party. And in Finland, the Finns Party — which wants to dramatically slash immigration numbers and keep out many non-Europeans — is part of the government. Its leader, Timo Soini, is the country’s foreign minister.

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